Bikini Destinations Bora Bora

Posted by Adreana il Sunday, November 23, 2008,2:12 AM
The world's most hidden treasures Bora Bora was among the last to be discovered by the modern civilization and one of the remote places on the planet. It's sprawling lagoons, exotic waterfront, bungalow resorts and exciting recreational activities ranked Bora Bora as one of the most treasured of destinations. Check out Bikini Destinations models Jami Miller, Tiffany Scott and Jenn Brown explores more about Bora Bora and get themselves engaged in hot photo shoot.

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Sexy Tiffany Selby

Posted by Adreana il Wednesday, March 05, 2008,4:05 AM

The perfect blonde who sizzled in the episodes of "Bikini Destinations". Here are some of her very sexy and nude pictures of her. She was also one of the "Playboy's Playmate".

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BikiniDestinations Model Talia Sloboda HDTV

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BikiniDestinations Model Talia Sloboda HDTV


Sexy Jennifer England

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Bikini Babe

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Bobby Sue Luther

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